Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols

  1. Anyone else using this? We are implementing it for c/s patients in October and I just completed a learning module on it at work last night. Just wondering how successful other facilities have been that use it.
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  3. by   2manycookies
    We are not using an ERAS protocol at our facility but I'm interested in discussing the possibility of implementing a protocol with our evidence based practice committee. I'm also wondering about the effectiveness other facilities have had with it. I'll be following!
  4. by   GoodDay2017
    We use it. I am new to this protocol / job, seems to be efficient. Mommas do better from my experience.
  5. by   labordude
    UCSF has a beautifully developed protocol available here: https://anesthesia.ucsf.edu/sites/an...ry_Pathway.pdf