Enfamil Lipil

  1. In our hospital, as much as we encourage breastfeeding, we have moms who choose to bottlefeed. Are any other hospitals using Enfamil Lipil and what are your thoughts on it.
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  3. by   eb_rn
    i work at a children's hospital and we use enfamil lipil a lot, it seems just about like regular enfamil with fe, our nutritionists also say that they r basically the same.
  4. by   kids
    They are basiclly the same other than the addition of the ARA & DHA (or what ever those letters are). Interestingly several other formula manufacturers are starting to add them to their formulas also.

    2 of the 7 Peds in my clinic recommend it and my grandson was given it in the NICU. One nice thing is that it is available as a lacto-free...my grandson was very gassy & had loose stools on regular formula and his Mom is VERY allergic to soy protein, pretty much his only options were a specialty formula or lacto-free.

    BTW...if you have a Mom who's heart is set on feeding Lipil but is on WIC...the lacto-free is approved (and she doesn't have to get an Rx for it like with Nutramagen, etc.)
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