difficulty in becoming pregnant while on antidepressant

  1. I have been taking Cymbalta for a year and just recently weaned myself off. My husband and I have decided to have a child and finding it difficult to conceive. Does anyone know of any studies being done between Cymbalta and pregnancy? I have searched on the internet but I think I have OCD too because it stresses me out to be on here for hours and never find what I'm looking for. If anyone has any info, about Cymbalta please reply. Thanks
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    There is only reason for concern if you have been trying for over 1 year (if you are <35 years old) or 6 months (if >35 years). I don't know about cymbalta, but there are some SSRIs that are safe to take even during pregnancy and lactation. Hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck.
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