cross training L&D and postpartum

  1. I work in a 16 bed l&d unit, we do high risk, antepartum and triage also. We do between 120-170 deliveries/month. Administration wants us to cross train, we have done this 2 or 3 times since I have worked there and it never seems to work out. Nothing against pp nurses but you have to work in l&d for quite awhile and on a regular basis before you feel comfortable not just a day here and there. What always happened before was this: on a slow l&d day it was OK for the pp nurse to stay there but as soon as it started getting crazy the l&d nurse would have to come back from pp. Usually they were happy to go back but then what's the point of crosstraining?! It just always seems like we (l&d) can help pp easily but they can't reciprocate. Does anyone do cross training between l&d and pp? How did you start? Do you like it and does it work? Thanks for your help!
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