CMA work in L&D

  1. Can a CMA work in L&D at all? Are they needed?
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  3. by   canoehead
    I don't think so. They use secretaries, and patient care techs, so if you could sell yourself as either one, it might work.
  4. by   klone
    MAs typically don't work in the acute care setting.
  5. by   cayenne06
    MAs typically work outpatient- inpatient work is very very different than outpatient care. I've never worked on an L&D unit that had PCT/CNAs on staff. Labor is a dynamic, acute process and requires close RN supervision- and the majority of L&D patients are completely autonomous with their ADLs when they aren't in the thick of active labor so there is just not much of a role for assistants overall. Babies of course need a lot of help with ADLs, but fresh newborns need to be watched closely during the transitional period.
    PCT/CNAs are more common in postpartum, and thats a great place to get some OBGYN experience if you are interested. But yeah, you can't really do inpatient as an MA unless you wanted to go for a unit secretary position.