1. I just have a question. I know alot of posts start off like that but with Chorio why wouldn't it show up on a amniocentesis? but then come up in the pathology report of the placenta? It showed mild chorio. I was treated for GBS with ampicillin, pcn & gent was 27 5 weeks no PROM. Pathology showed an abruption. Not looking for medical advice just a better understanding of what chorio is. Is chorio caused by the GBS? I understand the abruption can be due to the chorio infection just don't understand why the amnio didn't show it. I was told the whole thing of if infection shows up in amnio must deliver. But on the sunday amnio was done nothing showed! CBC, crp and everything was normal only small amount of vaginal bleeding, uterine tenderness. Does it just have to grow on a culture?
    Can you help me understand what chorio is and what causes it.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    You really do need to ask your medical provider these questions. We at All Nurses are not in a position to answer your questions. Please take care.