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  1. Hi all!
    I just graduated with my BSN last week and am pending to take the NCLEX soon. An opportunity to join a baby-mother unit (post-partum) came up. I'm unsure if it's a great career choice off the bat as I don't want to spend the rest of my career there. Eventually I would love to move to NICU or peds. For the nurses who have experience in this area, is it difficult to transfer to another unit? Does PP count as solid experience for these areas? Thanks for any feedback!
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  3. by   klone
    Yes, mom/baby absolutely is a VERY solid background for both NICU and peds. For NICU, every nurse should have experience taking care of and being able to do a thorough assessment on well babies. You can't assess what's sick and not normal until you have a solid foundation of normal. And as far as peds, a lot of peds nurses are weak in infant care, so having a peds nurse who has a solid foundation in infants would be a very desirable candidate.

    And you may just find that you love Mom/Baby and don't wan to go anywhere else!