C-Section rates

  1. Question to L&D nurses.Have you ever had your C/S rate reviewed?I had never heared of such.Our hospital's rate is high.We also have a high labor induction rate.All of which is a result of our MD's orders.Apparently as a result of justifying our C/S rate to JCAHO our director and nurse manager decided to do a quick survey of each nurses primary C/S rate.Nevertheless this has made many of us angry since we had no say so in calling for the C/S's.What do ya'll think?Should the staff be concerned?
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  3. by   fergus51
    Unless they plan on holding you accountable and punishing you I don't see a problem. We also have a notoriously high c/s rate at my hospital (nearly 40%!!!). I think this is something that needs to be looked at because studies have proven that although we do WAY more c/s than 20 years ago, maternal and infant mortality rates have not changed.
  4. by   schobrn
    I agree that both Drs and RN's be reviewed in looking at c/s rates. The reason we follow RN's is solely based on how they manage a pt with op presentation and the nursing measures they use within our protocols..likewise, the Drs are scrutinized for appropriate care...I think every facility has Dr's that can find any reason to cut. So don't worry.