Braden Score

  1. A question for the OB nurses: Do you use a Braden score in your admission assessment? I am on our hospital's Nurse Practice Committee and we are adding this to our med/surg admissions, and we're wondering if we need to add it to the OB assessment.


    PS-Braden Score is a tool for predicting pressure sore risk.
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  3. by   RNmommy
    We are required to do a Braden Risk Assessement on all admissions. However, for a routine OB admisssion it really is useless. A braden score is helpful for an antepatum patient on bedrest.
  4. by   daisybaby
    We only do Braden scoring on GYN postops.
  5. by   Suebee6
    We do them on our perinatal floor only..

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