Attn OB nurses near Disney World area- OB nurse needs a good OB

  1. Hi there, I am an OB nurse, and know the best way to find a good OB group is to ask an OB nurse. I will be 20 weeks pregnant when we travel to Walt Disney World in November. (if we go). I had a subchorionic bleed at 11 weeks, which has left a 9cmx7cm clot in my uterus. Should things be stable, and I am cleared to travel, I need the name of a good OB group in the area, should I require care down there. But I don't want to take chances on getting some butcher!! Would prefer to be treated at a major teaching hospital with a good group of perinatologists on staff. you can email me, as I realize people do not want to put names on this board. Thanks!!

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