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  1. I was just offered a position as an intern at the WHC at my local hospital. It's my dream job, dream hospital, and I'm just beyond thrilled. I live in an area where it is VERY difficult for new grads to start out and so getting this one opening is the greatest blessing since I found out I was accepted into nursing school! The positions "generally" lead to a job offer at the end, as long as they are happy with you and your work and have openings.

    I had an incredibly short OB rotation in school and wasn't able to precept there, either, so I am going in with next to no actual hands-on experience. I know this is an opportunity to learn but also see this is a "working interview" through the internship and want to seem somewhat competent. Do any of you have any advice or helpful books or anything I can learn while waiting? I have about 3 weeks until the position starts. I feel like I was handed the opportunity of a lifetime and I want to make the most of it! Thanks so much.
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    Sounds fantastic! Congratulations. If you're interested in doing some studying, Fetal Heart Monitoring principles and practices put out by AWHONN is an excellent start. Perinatal Nursing by Kathleen Rice Simpson is also another excellent book.
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    Thank you!!