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OB Case Management - Patient needs?


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I have been an OB for the past five years and have recently transitioned into Case Management covering L&D, Mother/Baby, and Full Term Nursery. The position was vacant for over a year and every day a different CM was "covering" these units, therefore, these patients haven't been given the CM love and resources they have needed. We have been trying to get our residents on board with SNVs for some of our C-section moms for wound checks and things, but have been getting a lot of push-back. I was reaching out to see if anyone has any ideas on how to get them onboard? I'm also curious as to how other OB units utilize their CMs? At the moment, I feel as though I just write notes and I don't actually provide the patients with the resources that are available to them. I want to make sure I am reaching my full CM potential and providing patients with helpful services, just need some insight! Thanks so much!