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OB Careplan help (L/D)

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I'm having trouble coming up with expected outcomes for my patient (particularly a long-term goal). So far I have acute pain r/t uterine contractions AEB patient report of pain, patient crying. I can come up with everything else but I can't for the life of me come up with a long-term goal. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I'm also having trouble coming up with subjective data for impaired skin integrity r/t episiotomy AEB 2nd degree episiotomy, perineal laceration​.

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Does the long-term goal have to be for the acute pain dx? I mean by definition, labor is a very finite source of pain -- there is no long-term labor. Or can it be any long-term goal for this pt? If so, you could do well with a wellness dx.

As for the skin integrity, does she c/o discomfort/pain at the site? Or deny pain?

That would be subjective. Everything else -- degree of lac, length of lac, sutures, signs of infection -- seems objective. They are observable