NYU Midwifery Program



I was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on the NYU midwifery program. I would like to know about the fulltime curriculum, and clinical?

For the FT program, how many days a week did you attend classes?

Has anyone finished the program? How was your experience with the professors?

I am still trying to debate btw the FNP and the midwifery. I keep hearing how FNP has more job opportunities vs midwifery is this true?

PS I a am a med surg nurse right now, I've been looking for an LD position but nothing yet. Does the program require me to have experience as an LD nurse?

THank you in advance for your time

Jackie RN

Specializes in Mother/Baby. Has 8 years experience.

I'm also contemplating starting the program in the fall and would love any feedback. I know you do not need experience in L&D. I believe the only masters program that requires experience is pediatrics.