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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any information about working at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley (CHONY) regarding benefits, tuition reimbursement, salary, clinical ladder, etc! I've seen some posts about NYP in general but they all seem outdated. I'm not sure if all NYP locations have the same benefits or not? 

Thanks in advance!

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NYP in upper Manhattan is NYSNA union,go to the website and see what their latest contract was.don't think much changed due to pandemic,but salaries have been in line with other Manhattan hospitals.don't know how old you are but retirement has become a big issue,early vs late ,health benefits,cost to staff, sick time accrual,pension plans,.Good Luck.


I work there in labor and delivery and agree you should go to the website. The benefits are great. I have been working there for over 20 years.