NW Arkansas

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Trying to get a feel of the good places to work in NW Arkansas. Are there any good CVICU's around there? Which travelling agency's are utilized? Are there any good people to contact regarding travel assignments?




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I work in sicu at Northwest medical center in Springdale, Ar. I don't believe that any hospital in this area has a cv icu, but each of the three major area hospitals has a cvor with a good deal of cabgs, avrs, mrvs, etc which go to sicu. In our sicu we get anywhrrr from 2 to 5 hearts a week--so probably nothing like a cvicu in a large hospital. Back in the fall we were actually getting about 2 a day, so i guess it varies. You'll hear the typical complaints that i think are typical for small to medium sized hospitals like low pay and such, but i love the nw arkansas area so i don't mind. Cost of living is good, beautiful state parks if you like the outdoors. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions about the area.