Nursing 20 years later...

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Hi! I received my LVN license in 1996 (California)...

practiced nursing off & on for 16 years.

I ended letting my license expire with the

expectation of never going back. I was

wrong. I now have to retake the NCLEX-VN

in order to practice again. Are there any

great review/prep courses that someone

may recommend to prepare for the NCLEX,

especially for someone like myself who

hasn't practiced for 4 years but received

her license 20 years ago??? What about any online prep courses???

Thanks in advanced! 🙂

hello! I just graduated from a LPN program...what they have us study with (for the boards) is a program called Kaplan nursing...It costs about 100$ but it has all the review questions you will need. Look it up :)

sweetest taboo

Has 20 years experience.

Thank You @KayStanley! I most definitely will (-: