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Nursing in western North Carolina

North Carolina   (784 Views 2 Comments)
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Hello folks,

I am a 3ish year nurse, 1 year med surg, about 1.5 ICU and I've recently transferred to ER. My ICU and ER experience come from a large community hospital in central Florida. Level 2 trauma 850 beds.

We are considering moving to western North Carolina as I really enjoy this part of the country. For my husbands work I would be unable to work at a large hospital like mission etc as it would be too much of a commute. We would need to be within 30 minute commute of Cherokee NC.

I was looking at haywoood regional medical center but haven't been able to find a lot of info.

I would love some input!


Sarah Lee 😻

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quazar has 20 years experience.

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Whoops. Re-read OP and realized my reading comprehension is lacking today. OP I am only familiar with Mission, sorry. :/

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