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Nursing Visa. Please help us dear coleagues

by jonathan4606 jonathan4606 (New) New

hi everyone!

do somebody know what are the criteria for a nursing visa in australia, usa, canada and costa-rica??

i ask it because of a relocation offer that my wife got to these countries. it's very important to us to get a briefly answering.

i'm a male nurse 5 years. i'm about to finish my master degree in occupational and environmental health (m.occ.h.), and have b.s.n., r.n.

please... appreciate your help.

peace & love,


Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 33 years experience.

Each country will have their own requirements and in the Canadian, Australian and here in the International forum you will find information for Canada, Australia and US. I am not sure for Costa-Rica. For the US a lot depends on what type of visa your wife gets to whether you can work. Approx processing times is several months and for US and Canada you will need to pass their nursing exam.

Suggest a good read on here

Processing is for the licensing part of it and the immigration part cannot start for any of the countries without having passed the licensing exam for the particular country.

The only visa that is available for the US is the green card, and that is under retrogression at this time. There is much already written on this topic.

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