help with band 6 interview presentation please

  1. I have a band 6 interview coming for acute medical unit .They are asking for a 10 minutes presentation about the benefit of a standardised approach to care delivery.Can any one help please please?
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  3. by   ringi
    I on the similar situation. No one has advised me. I need to do short presentation on strategy for service development. I think to be confident is vital.
  4. by   XB9S
    It may be useful if you could give us some of your ideas to give us something to work with. We don't know your areas or passion and your presentations have to come from you.

    Basic presentation skills, introduction - yourself and your ideas
    Main body - elaborate in those ideas
  5. by   Daisy Joyce
    What is a standardized approach to care delivery? I mean, what does it look like?