confused about situation

  1. hello.
    i am looking for some advice. i hope you can help!
    i am currently on matty leave returning in July. i had sorted work and a nursery until my husbands work explained our childcare arrangements had to change! Stress!!

    i work on a clinical investigations unit liasing with a oncology day unit. our units are similar and the main difference is I don't do chemotherapy. i have heard there might be a band 6 coming up with the possibility of the hours i need on the oncology unit. i am not sure how i feel about becoming a band 6 on a different unit. i am a top band five and basically complete alot of band 6 duties on my unit but there are only 6 staff members on my unit. this would be very different.

    any advice would be helpful.
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  3. by   ireallycare
    If you are already undertaking the role of a band 6 nurse then go for it. If it fits in with your family life I would definitely apply. It will make all the stress of being a working family a little easier. I hope you can come to the right decision. BW