Nursing School Study Tips

  1. -Analyze and assess what types of questions your professor likes to ask on exams and/ or in class, and guide your studies accordingly.
    -Focus your studies in accordance with the nursing process acronym: ADPIE... Each of these topics are important to study because, well, they're the sole foundation of nursing.
    -Don't confuse critical thinking with over thinking. Yes, apply your knowledge, but don't over-analyze. Common sense goes a long way with test taking and studying! And get plenty of rest
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  3. by   Jeniele
    Something new I'm doing is that after reading a chapter in a text, is to go back to the chapter objectives and answer them. I do this on a sheet of paper in a concept map format to make it a study resource to review for later.
  4. by   acap2017
    That's also a great idea! Everybody has their own specific ways. I like reading the text because it helps me, but I'm that guy who has to highlight every word I see haha