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    i'm currently in my second semester of a four year 10 semester bscn program in canada. we are required to write a paper on an individual suffering from a health care deficit such as; smoking, exercise, nutrition etc. then we must apply penders hp model and prochaska transtheoretical model. anyways, my question to you is what would be an appropriate wellness dx. for a client that normally does not eat nutritious foods?


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  3. by   Daytonite
    Your related factor would have to be that the client has expressed a desire to improve their health. Your defining characteristics, or symptoms, have to be statements the client makes that indicates that they are willing to change their eating habits, attempts they have already made to do so, and/or statements that they are looking for ways in which to do so. You could use:
    Readiness for Enhanced Nutrition R/T desire to improve health
    Readiness for Enhanced Knowledge of diet R/T desire to improve health