thoracoscopy care plan

  1. I have to do a care plan on a patient that had a thoracoscopy L upper lobe. Can anyone help me? I need to find the pathophysiology and several different nursing diagnosis.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    Connie. . .you haven't given enough information. Pathophysiology applies to a change in the structure and function of an organ due to an illness or pathological process that is occurring. A thoracoscopy is a procedure. When you are doing a care plan for a patient you are specifically assessing for problems the patient has and addressing them. You do that by following the nursing process. That starts with step #1--assessment of the patient. It involves collecting as much information about the patient and his/her condition. So, why did this patient have the thoracoscopy? What were some of the symptoms he/she was having that led up to the doctor ordering this procedure to be done?