Summer Accelerated Program - When do I apply for Nurse CORPS scholarship?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here. Currently taking my pre-req and am applying for the accelerated summer start nursing program in November. My question is this - how/when do I apply for the Nurse CORPS scholarship??? To apply, I am supposed to be already accepted into a nursing program, but I don't even fill out my nursing application until November 😬 and it's an accelerated ADN, so I will be done in 4 consecutive semesters which means by the time applying for the nurse CORPS scholarship rolls around next year, I will already have started the nursing program.

    So confused, and I don't want to miss this opportunity to apply for good assistance... Currently working FT supporting my family (barely). Would be a life changing opportunity while in school if I could get it.
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  3. by   RainbowSprinkles
    Their application deadline is in June, which doesn't line up very well with your program. You could apply before june and hope they offer you the scholarship for that fall and spring. Only problem is you may not get covered for the summer portion.