Should I change jobs

  1. I currently work at a 16 bed ICF and I like my job for the most part except I don't lIke the company I work for. I currently work second shift and only get every sixth weekend off. The job I'm looking at is at a facility that is part assisted living and part memory care. That position would be 12hr shifts and I would only have to work every 3rd weekend. I also plan on attending nursing school next year so would I learn more at a different job. I have been at my current job 2 years so I have started to feel like it's time to do something different.
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  3. by   crome
    It seems to me that you're on track by planning ahead of time to set up and better adapt to the intensity of nursing school. Once you start nursing school you will appreciate having those weekends off with shorter time in between.

    Good Luck & Stay positive!!
  4. by   Mhsrnbsn
    Sounds like you already have the answer you just want encouragement. Change jobs if you aren't happy. No place will give you that time of your life back, it's ok to try new places