Question about online RN to BSN Program

  1. Hi everyone. I am starting my core classes for nursing now in Jan, I gruadate in Aug of 07. This would be an AS though but I will be taking the NCLEX, anyways my school where I am attending now just got approved to do the RN to BSN however it will be offered online. I am kind of torn because I feel that I will do better if I attend classes and that it will also look better to hospitals. I can go to the University here and do the RN to BSN and I have to universitys to choose from (Barry University and FIU) So my question is Do you think that an online program is ok or do employers think that it is a " not so good degree" and would pefer you to attend classes at a university. Also I dont know it this matters but I do want to get my MSN eventually also. Thanks ahead for answering
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  3. by   suzanne4
    If you go the traditional route for your RN, then getting the BSN on-line is absolutely no issue to any state for licensure or any employer. Concentrate on getting the RN after your name first. You will have your hands full with just that.

    Good luck with your schooling..................