Professional practice evaluation

  1. I am having trouble finding articles on professional practice evaluation. I need them to be less than 5 years old and by American journals. I looked through hundreds of journal sites already.I have a presentation to do and cannot find the info. If you can help I would appreciate it.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    this sounds like it concerns standards of care and management. isn't there a nursing management journal or organization? of this i am not sure. also, you might try searching for competencies in nursing. that's been the latest buzzword i've heard tossed around when it comes to assessing the skills of nursing staffs. otherwise, it sounds like you're looking for information on performance evaluations. i'm sure there are people getting their mbas that have done research on this. just my thoughts on the subject.
  4. by   Bekster
    Thank you so much. I will use the info you gave me. You saved me a lot of time and frustration.