Prioritizing Nursing Diagnoses

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a RN student currently in my OB rotation. I have a clinical correlation project assigned and part of it is coming up with nursing diagnoses based on assessment and prioritizing them before using the top 3 to make a care plan. I am struggling with deciding on priority for the diagnoses I have. I have a list that I keep rethinking and changing. I need a different perspective! I have a list of diagnoses that I have tried to prioritize using the ABCs and Maslow. I would appreciate any insight.

    My patient is postpartum G3P3 repeat scheduled cesarean with spinal anesthesia, she has H/O type 1 diabetes delivered an 11 lb girl.
    My list:
    1. Risk for bleeding
    2. Acute pain
    3. Risk for infection
    4. impaired skin integrity
    5. Risk for falls
    6. risk for unstable glucose
    7. Risk for urinary retention
    8. risk for constipation
    9. activity intolerance
    10. risk for delayed recovery
    11. impaired comfort
    12. ineffective health management
    13. readiness for enhanced knowledge
    14. readiness for enhanced family processes
    15. overweight
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  3. by   PNCC2001
    My thought would be:

    1. Risk for bleeding (always a risk postpartum; and a major reason for maternal mortality)
    2. Risk for unstable glucose
    3. Risk for urinary retention (secondary to spinal anesthesia)
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    General rule of thumb: decide what will kill the patient the fastest?