Peds Student in Phila looking for experience

  1. Hi all,
    Im a nursing student in philadelphia, currently on my PEDS rotation. I need to do off-site observational experiences with Peds nurses, School nurses, with-in childrens organizations (or anything else that would be bring me into the community.)

    If anyone could direct me to anywhere, or would like to let me shadow them, please reply! Thanks! I do have proper documentation from my school (thomas jefferson university)
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  3. by   hbncns35
    Hey I'm from Philly ---

    Check out Nurses n Kids, Children's Hospital of Phila, St. Christophers, try foster programs, AI Dupont in Wilmington, DE, Check out some of the bigger chains of daycare - The Goddard School, Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes Foundation,etc. Good Luck!! Finished Peds Rotation at AI. hb