Paying for school

  1. I think that the only school that may accept me is the most expensive one I applied to. While it is a great school with a great rep I am nervous since I will have to take out 2 loans per school year to pay for tuition/books and living expenses.

    Is anybody else having to do this?

    Ideally I would have loved to been accepted at my current CC but due to my math grade I have been rejected 3X ( this was never verbalized to me but all of my other grades are As and Bs). I have taken the math class 3X and have gotten the same grade (C+) and I refuse to beat a dead horse and take the class again.

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  3. by   RiiCa
    U should come to finland, studying is free and nurses r so needed that u ll get into nursing school for sure
  4. by   Trigirl
    I am in the same boat. I am going to a private school for an accelerated BSN program, and it is quite costly. Let alone paying for school, I also need additional money to live on. I am still waiting to hear how much financial aid I will be receiving, and then will need to take out additional loans. I am looking at about $50k or more. Nice, huh?