OB Nursing Care and Interventions

  1. Hello. I have a few questions about labor and OB. I am not finding much of this information on the internet or my books.

    First of all. What are the nursing cares that need to be completed before an epideral? I know vital signs should be taken and fetal heart rate and contractions should be look at, but what else?

    Also, what would the nurse need to do prior to patient having a csection? I did see an emergency csection during clinicals last night but everything was so fast. I seen that the nurse took vitals, got the patient into the OR, got consent to administer blood if needed, but im really not sure what else? I did have to change into scrubs during this time and may have missed something important?

    And another question-- What would you do if the mother says she is "too tired to push" other the motivate the patient and let her know baby is almost here? is that about all you can do??

    Thanks so much for your help. These questions may seem like "duh" questions but when you havent seen alot of this and just starting OB rotation its all kind of confusing.
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