Nursing IV Final Exam Studying Suggestions

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    My nursing IV final examination is in 3 days and it is 150 questions covering topics we had over the semester. I didnt know the date of the final in advance (long story) They were nice enough to give us a blueprint yesterday telling us how many questions were derived from each topic. My question is this, how should I best prepare for this exam with such little time? Should I emphasize on topics with the most questions, topics that I am strongest/weakest in? Im at a road block. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Sarah Hay
    Holy cow!! My IV class is only 7 days and we only go to one clinical. Our final is on Tuesday and it is only 15 questions. She said we can take it as many times as we need to. She's not letting anyone fail. [= She's awesome.