Nursing Grand Rounds Presentation

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am in my final semester of nursing school with an anticipated graduation date of May 2009. We have been given a group project to present a nursing grand round segment of a thorough case analysis of a selected client. This allows us to examine both the medical and nursing management of a hospitalized client. This has to be developed into a professional seminar segment for the class and 3 professors. With this presentation we need use a variety techniques for presentation, principles of teaching and learning with peers, ID community and multidisciplinary resources for client and present the client and current evidence practice in a form of a scholarly paper as well.

    My group of nursing students are not familiar with nursing grand rounds. We have decided to present our grand rounds on ESRD. I was hoping someone could assist me and explain what exactly are they looking for in a nursing grand round and get some ideas.

    We are already going to do a powerpoint and presentation board with images... We are swamped with tons of reading and tons of test the next 5 weeks. We would appreciate any input.. Thank you..
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