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    Am new to this site and I am a first year nursing student. I recently did the fundamental exam and I was so confused too see multiple choice questions. Can anyone give tips how to answer the multiple choice questions correctly please as I found two answers were correct most of the time. I am from New Zealand.
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  3. by   MiladyMalarkey
    I find going through each answer & viewing it as a true/false statement pertaining to the original question helps greatly.
  4. by   RavenRipley
    You best bet is watching YOUTUBE videos on how to answer multiple choice. I had the same issue as you and the hour long video helped. Fundamentals is often the hardest class for students because they have not learned how to study properly yet. Also if you are not studying at least 15 hours a week you need to. Med surg is way more difficult and make sure you are studying as often as you can Good luck