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  1. I an new to allnursing and was wondering if someone could help me out , need to write a paper on a theorist and don't know how to even start , I have a list of names to pick from,, anyone have a favorite that I might find interesting it s 3-5 page paper.. Thanks
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    Welcome to! I moved your post to a Forum where it will get more responses. Good luck!

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    hi, searchenfour!

    this is the only website i know of that gives some information about the nursing theorists:
    i have found it very hard to find any substantial information about any of the nursing theorists on the internet. at least the above page might give you some thumbnail sketches of the major theories. you, unfortunately, or not, may end up having to hit the reference section of the library for the information you are going to need.

    welcome to allnurses!
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    thank you
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    I wrote a piece on Patricia Benner's Novice to Expert theory for one of my papers and found that interesting
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    do you still have the paper or information to reveiw