need info on childbirth practices in a foreign culture

  1. For my OB/Ped rotation, we are required to put together a presentation on childbirth practices from a foreign culture. My partner and I had chosen to do Senegal in Africa because she has a contact there - a missionary nurse. Well, our presentation is due in two weeks and her contact has not been in touch with us. Do any of you have any experience with the customs of Senegalese women in regard to pregnancy and childbirth. I can find some information from books and the web, but we are required to have a contact person to interview. Any information would be helpful and very much appreciated!

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  3. by   Tnurse3329
    I had to do a group project on the religious factors that affect nursing...which in some cultures had a lot of issues that dealt with childbirth. I did a search with and was able to come up with alot of sites.....and with a little digging was able to get just what I needed.
    I hope this helps.:wink2: