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  1. Hey everyone. I'm new to the site and just wanted to ask a nurse for his/her advise! I'm a fourth semester nursing student getting ready to graduate on Dec. 15th (Praise the Lord!!) Anyhow, I was wondering how you made your decision as far as what area you wanted to work in. I know some people "just know" but I haven't been that fortunate. Everytime I go to a different area I think "this is what I want to do"!! I still have a couple of months and I have almost decided on critical care but I'm scared of making the wrong decision. Did any of you choose something and not like it and have to be transferred to a different area? Also, how did you overcome the fear of being out there with people's lives in your hands? Don't get me wrong I love nursing and I wouldn't have went through two years of....well you know...if i didn't want to be a nurse-but sometimes I'm scared that maybe there is something i have missed in school that could save someone's life. Anyway these are just some thoughts I have been having lately!!
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    I just took a job that put me where I tested best.... which was neuro and cardiac.
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    sorry this is from 2005