I need help writing a case study

  1. I know I should have asked my instructor before leaving, but I am now discovering that I have no idea how to write out a case study. My assignment is to take one of my patients that I have had this semester and create a case study. Then have questions at the end of it. I've picked out the patient which is the hard part. I just need to know what to put down on paper.
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  3. by   labman
    Some things to include:
    Lab results
    Physical assessment
    Psyco social aspects
    Possibly interventions implemented

    Try to make it so the physical assessmnets, meds, physical assessments to pertain to your nursing diagnosis. Maybe ask why the patient is on this med or why did you have a certain thing happen on your physical assessment.

    Hopefully this makes halfway sense
  4. by   Daytonite
    there are a whole bunch of case studies done by nursing students on these two web sites. the lists are actually links to the individual case studies.
  5. by   emeraldjay
    Thank you Daytonite and labman for the suggestions, they will help I'm sure.