How does the nursing process correlate to pharmacology?

  1. 1. Assessment - Assess the pt.
    2. Diagnosis - Diagnose the problem.
    3. Planning/Outcome Identification - Plan and set outcomes.
    4. Implementation - Carry the plan out (In relation to pharmacology, it's administering drugs. That I do know..)
    5. Evaluation - Evaluate results.

    Isn't the above pretty much how the nursing process correlates to pharmacology? I just don't get it. Maybe I need examples of how pharmacology comes into play for each one.

    BQ: Also, does anyone know if conceptual framework is simply a school's guidelines to how they approach nursing? The philosophy stuff is really confusing me although it should be easy to grasp.
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  3. by   jesskidding
    What do you think so far? How have you answered the questions?