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  1. I never learned any of the heart stuff *like EKG's, the diff rhythms etc* while I was in my first program. I had to transfer into a new program and don't know any heart stuff while other students do have some things. What am I supposed to do to learn it? I'm already in clinicals now. Is there a book out there that can help me learn this stuff relatively fast? That way I can at least go over it and have something to guide me along? I HAVE to make it through this program this semester. I'm running out of time.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    the trick to understanding ekgs and arrhythmias is to first know the normal electrical pathway. it is interruptions in the electrical pathway that cause all the arrhythmias. like pathophysiology of diseases of the various organs, there is also pathophysiology of the electrical system of the heart. this is a recent thread that contains a number of weblinks to help with ekgs