Have a Patho question..need help!

  1. I'm doing my first pathophysiology and am having a difficult time. Mine is over constipation and i'm not exactly sure what i'm supposed to put under prognosis? I had bought a patho book at the beginning of the semester, but when i opened it up it wasn't the book, but the study guide Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    I'm not sure what you are looking for here: information on the pathophysiology of constipation or an understanding of a prognosis is and what the prognosis for constipation would be?

    A prognosis is a prediction about the outcome of a situation if it is allowed to run its course. So, for constipation, I think what you need to get to here is what is going to happen if nothing is done to address the situation of a person with constipation. In other words, what's the worst case scenario?
  4. by   Happychic
    Thanks! I was basically needing help understanding what a prognosis is...I finally ended up calling the teacher and she explained it to me. Again, thanks for helping!