Georgia State-Perimeter Nursing Program

  1. Have anyone started or already in the nursing program at GSU-Perimeter? If so, Are clinicals only for spring and fall or do you take them throughout the year (spring, summer, fall)?

    I'm asking because I am not seeing how this is a two year program unless clinicals 4 semester courses are taken throughout the year instead of twice. Hope I'm making sense. lol
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  3. by   monkeyshines
    I'm not in the program yet, but I hope to start next year and have done an info session. The program does not run through the summer. So depending on when you start, it's either fall, spring, fall, spring, or the other way around. No school or clinicals in the summer. Unless I'm missing what you're asking, I'm not sure why it can't be a 2 year program running that way.
  4. by   iKamille
    Thank you so much. This makes a lot of sense.