Evidence Based Paper Question?

  1. I have to write an evidence based paper about diabetes for my nursing program and I am confused on what it is.
    Can I write something such as Glycosylated hemoglobin test? Is that an evidence based practice?
    Thank you for your help in advance!
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    In an evidence based paper, you are incorporating patient-based clinical research papers to state your finding and results.

    Here is a step by step guide How to Write an Evidence-Based Paper | Synonym
  4. by   Guy in Babyland
    Quote from maddieleigh21
    Can I write something such as Glycosylated hemoglobin test?
    What is that test for?
    Is it the best test for that purpose and why?
  5. by   rkitty198
    I don't know is it? That is a great topic! Introduce your topic, why is there a need to know about your topic, why is it important to nursing?
    Come up with a thesis, by choosing why there is a need to solve this problem you found related to your topic. What about that test do you want to prove/disprove with use of literature to substantiate your thesis.
    Write 3-5 topic sentences that relate to the thesis. This is based upon one research study. Do this with research integration to substantiate your topic sentences, thus turning them into paragraphs.
    Use several research integrations in order to answer your thesis, don't forget formatting.
    your instructor has given you the rules to follow (hopefully) follow it precisely.
    Do not wait until the last minute.
    If you are not passionate about the topic or find lack of data to find a question you want to find an answer to then move on.
    Think about clinicals, was there ever a time where you questioned why something was done and thought it could be done differently in regards to your topic?
    remember your paper does not have to disprove something.
    My paper 10 years ago proved that current practice was the best practice, even when nurses didn't accept it.
    Good luck.
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  6. by   maddieleigh21
    Thank you that helps a lot! I am just still a little confused about how to use evidence based practice with the topic of diabetes.. I just don't fully understand what evidence based practice is exactly with diabetes ? I found an article that is called "Empowering Staff Nurses as Primary Educators for Patients with Type 1 Diabetes"... Is that evidence based practice ? Using nurses as educators ? Or is evidence based practice meaning more like how we diagnose the disease and what treatment is used? Sorry I don't know why I'm so confused on it! haha but thank you!!
  7. by   Cat365
    Evidenced based practice is basically exactly what it says. It is things that we do (or don't do) because studies have been run that show us that there are better results if we do (or don't do something). For example we wash our hands because studies have been performed that show if we don't we transmit infection from patient to patient.

    I always found when I had these assignments it was easier to find several related studies first (my teacher usually required a minimum of 3 sources) and then choose the subject of the paper. It normally took me a lot longer to research the paper than to write it. If I choose the topic first it doubled my research time.
  8. by   azzgirlRN
    This is a lot easier than you are making it out to be. Try taking the words evidence based out of the question and say to yourself, "I am writing a paper about diabetes." Then ask yourself, what do we 'know' about diabetes, WHY do we treat diabetic patients the way we do, what might happen if diabetics are non-compliant and how would we approach (treat), those patients? Then ask yourself, how come we DO treat these patients the way we treat them, the answer to all these question is based on research. Research found that, based on this study, that study, etc., that the BEST way to treat diabetes, and diabetics, is WHAT? and WHY? You use the articles you read, which are in scientific journals, from studies you looked at, etc., and this is the 'research' you cite in your paper as the 'evidence' to how we approach diabetes, and diabetics the way we currently do. Just make sure to write your paper in the format required, usually AMA, and you will be done. Writing papers like this broadens your understanding of diseases, processes, and the current thoughts in the medical field that keep you current and updated. You will be amazed at what you will learn. Good luck, and don't stress it.
  9. by   maddieleigh21
    Thank you!! That helped me understand this assignment a lot more and not be as stressed! I am writing it today so hopefully it isn't too bad haha! I just feel like I am not very good at writing papers!
  10. by   Lipoma
    Quote from maddieleigh21
    Thank you!! That helped me understand this assignment a lot more and not be as stressed! I am writing it today so hopefully it isn't too bad haha! I just feel like I am not very good at writing papers!
    Find at least 5-10 scholar peer-reviewed articles through your nursing program's/university's online library and argue 2-3 points per page and keep cross-referencing to prove said point. That is what Evidence Based Practice (or EBP) is. You're arguing a point that has already been established by research scientists.