desperatley needing help please IV math calculations :(

  1. Here is a question that I am having a hard time doing, or rather not knowing how to do it and I have gotten a bit discouraged....please help me

    here is a practice IV math question
    also can you tell me what the abbreviations SW is? Sorry but I am having a brain

    pt has bacterial infection dr orders clindamycin 650 mg IV q6h. The vial indicates by adding 5.0 ml of SW and a concentation of 125 mg/ml, and by adding 3.5 ml of SW produces a final concentration of 220 mg/ml. The drug guide indicates the med should run over 90 min in 75 mls of NS. His maintenance IV of NS is to run at 50 ml/hr.

    a) initiate the IV line
    b) administer the med
    - how much dilutent will you use and how many cc of drug will you draw from the vial?
    - complete tha math to calculate how much further dilutent is required.
    - at which rate will you run the infusion?

    please help me and explain each step please
    so that I might be able to grasp this very important area of the role of the LPN

    I thank you all in advance
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