COPD patient...give low flow O2 to prevent respiratory alkalosis?

  1. Does giving low flow O2 prevent respiratory alkalosis in a COPD patient? I think it would prevent respiratory alkalosis because giving too much O2 would be hyperventilating the patient.
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  3. by   lowski
    giving low 02 will not prevent respiratory alkolosis. nor does giving high 02.
    high 02(for example 15 lpm on a tnrb) would "knock out" the copd 02 drive. that would cause respiratory acidosis.
    respiratory alkolosis is hyperventilating. they have enough 02 so have the person/patient breathe in a paper bag and/or 6 links of corruagated tubing. this would(hopefully) normalize thier breathing pattern
    in all honesty, how fast, the depth and quailty of a person's rr would dictate the need for the 02 itself.:spin:
  4. by   EricJRN
    Informative link re: COPD. Under the Treatment section, there is an interesting discussion of the myths that often surround hypoxic drive.