Complete health assessment

  1. I just have a problem with developing ways of asking the topics on the complete health assessment...I understand what I need to find out with the patient but I think I am not formulating open ended questions that make sense. I have been doing practice but its still not working out. I tried to look online to see if there is something where there is a explanation of how to ask those questions. If anyone can help, please do! Thank you.
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  3. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    What really helped me was going to YouTube and typing in "patient assessment" or "health assessment" and they have some really cool videos. I also use it for videos on other fundamental skills I needed to learn for my school.
  4. by   avaloncar
    Thank you! good advice
  5. by   CoffeemateCNA
    This may sound like an obvious or silly question, but have you checked your textbook? My assessment book had ~10 pages per chapter of lists of open-ended questions you could ask and their rationales.
  6. by   avaloncar
    Of course I looked at my text..thats the first place I looked. I wish I had a textbook like yours. but I spoke to my professors and they helped me greatly. But thanks anyways.