Bates Physical Assessemt Test Bank

  1. Hey guys, I'm currently taking a physical assessment course in school.
    We are having a midterm and my prof. said that the questions are based off of the Bates physical assessment 9th ed book.

    However, I searched all over the internet and I cannot find any questions to study for my midterm.

    I have no idea how physical assessment questions are asked.

    Can somebody please help me find questions that test your knowledge of physical assessments. (head to toe)

    Or does anybody have access to the Bates test bank of questions.

    I'm at such a loss, please Help...
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  3. by   dobletruble
    please help
  4. by   VickyRN
    If you're asking for someone to supply you with the teacher's test bank questions, this is not an ethical request. These questions are meant for instructors' eyes only and to ask for a copy of them is akin to cheating.

    If you are asking for study guide questions, that is another matter. You need to clarify your request. Again, the test bank is meant for teachers/ instructors only. If an instructor knows you are seeking the official test bank that comes with the book, you could be dismissed from your program for cheating. In one course in which I used to teach, the official book rep for a company contacted our school when she found out a student was trying to access the test bank.
  5. by   vidabug
    check with your school's library, especially if you have a health sciences library, that's where I was able to borrow the Bates Assessment Videos and watch them.
  6. by   dobletruble
    No, no, no.....I am not asking for the test bank. I am asking for those type of questions.

    I need an example as to how physical assessment questions are asked. I thought that maybe someone has sample questions of some sort so that i could get an idea.

    I already watched the bates tapes. Truth is, they weren't much help plus my teacher said that the questions will be based on the book not the tapes.

    Maybe there is a companion website where i can view these type of questions??
  7. by   VickyRN