Assistance in Washington??

  1. I'm currently an LVN student in CA and I want to finish up my RN education in Washington. Does anyone have any tips for heading up to the Port Angeles area for Peninsula college? Anyone out there go to Peninsula?
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    There isn't too much up there but whales, canadian's, pot heads, the very poor, some hippies, and retirees.

    It is a service based economy up there, the cost of living is usually lower.

    For a WA state health professions scholarship goto the link below:
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    Thank you very much for your response!!!
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    Thank you very much for your response!!!
    You may want to consider going to highline community college, pierce community college, or tacoma community college. They are closer to seattle and there are more hospital jobs around that area.

    However, the competition to get into those LVN (LPN) to ADN programs maybe stiffer.

    I ended up in South Texas going to an ADN program, simply because the requirements to get in are not as high--but the program itself isn't too bad.