Any Nurse Manager willing to answer some questions?

  1. Hi, one of my assignments for my class is to interview a nurse manager and my manager is on vacation for the week and I feel emailing her these questions would be an incovenience. I'm going to ask my Clinical Leader to help me answer these questions but I figured I would be proactive and ask on here also! If anyone is willing to help and answer some of these questions I would be grateful! Thank you to all who take the time to look over my post and especially to those who respond!

    1. What positions are directly responsible to you?

    2. Who are you directly responsible to?

    3. How well does the organizational structure support the outcomes desired?

    4. What is the budget process for the area you are responsible for?

    5. What are the business goals of your organization?

    6. How do you measure success?
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    Have you considered posting this in the Nurse Management forum?
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